First Aid Kit Camp/Excursion Back Pack

First Aid Kit Camp/Excursion Back Pack
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Thoroughly stocked padded back pack portable and very practical. Carries everything needed for school trips and excursions. Burn cream antiseptic solution gloves stingose 1st aid book etc. Has extra room for teacher provisions.
1 x First Aid Book
1 x Antiseptic Cream
2 x Slings
1 x Splinter Probe
1 x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm
3 x Sterile Dressing
10 x Dove Wipes
2 x Compression Bandages 5cm
1 x Stingose Gel
1 x Bandage 5cm
1 x Paracetamol
1 x Bandage 10cm
2 x Instant Ice Packs
1 x Tenderskin 9m
1 x Scissors
1 x Bandaids (50)
1 x Sunscreen
10 x Butterfly Clips
1 x Cloth Dressing Strip
10 x Pins
10 x Gloves
2 x Eye Pads
1 x Assorted Bandaid Kit
5 x Eye Wash
1 x Emergency Blanket
1 x Eye Dust Remover
1 x Pencil/Pad
6 x Medi Preps
1 x Cotton Tips (100)
1 x Betadine Antiseptic
3 x Plastic Bags

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