Totem Tennis Set - Oliver

Totem Tennis Set - Oliver
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The Original Oliver Totem Tennis Kit!

The heavy-duty design is made to withstand all levels of friendly competition

 Simply place the Pole into the ground, affix the Tennis Ball and let the Games begin!

The set includes everything you need to get the fun started including:

  • 2 x Racquets
  • Top Pole with Heavy Duty Spring
  • Base Pole with Spike for setting into the ground
  • Tennis Ball on Nylon Cord
  • Game Sheet/Instruction Manual
  • Carry Box for easy Transport

Heavy-Duty construction

Height: 140cm (Out of ground)

Spike: 26cm (In the ground)

How Is It Played? 

Players stand on opposite sides of the pole, facing each other

Every Player is assigned to a direction where the ball will travel counter clockwise or clockwise – around the pole

The Players take turns in hitting the ball, which changes the direction of the travel in the process When hitting the ball, its direction can move up or down the spiral

If the ball reaches the spiral, the Player who managed to get the Ball at the end of the spiral wins




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