Tangle Therapy Jr Hairy - Each

Tangle Therapy Jr Hairy - Each
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Tangles are a teacher favourite and have been used as a non-distracting fidget for years. They are great for keeping hands busy and out of trouble in the classroom. This small toy is made of 18 interconnected pieces that can twist in a variety of directions. It makes no noise as you move it providing your students with quiet finger movement to help them focus on your teaching without distracting other students.

The Tangle Jr. fits right in the palm of your hand. Made of plastic, the multi-coloured pieces swivel in all kinds of ways to satisfy the need to fidget and be creative. Recommended by therapists and teachers for children with ADHD and Autism.

 The Tangle “Hairy” is covered with soft, stretchy spines that feel similar to a Koosh Ball. You can play with Tangle Hairy in so many ways. Twist the Tangle into different shapes and stretch out the hairy spines.