Sports Performance Tracker GPS - SPT Game Traka

Sports Performance Tracker GPS - SPT Game Traka
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The world's first wearable GPS tracker for contact sports is here. Track your training and match day performance by measuring distance, speed, intensity, heat maps and much more! 5hz GPS tracking allows for accurate in-game recording which can be uploaded and tracked over time. Compare metrics in real time between players to identify who is truly performing! The robust design of the SPT GameTraka has been specifically built for taking a beating during contact sports. Thanks to the lightweight and slim form factor, you will forget that it's even there.


  • GPS tracker for contact sports
  • 5hz GPS tracking allows for accurate readings
  • Robust, lightweight and slimline design
  • Charges up in less than 1 hour for 6 hours of battery life
  • Capable of generating 100k+ recordings
  • Single button control
  • Suitable for gameplay and training
  • Comfortable chest piece to hold device in safe and secure positioning
  • Ability to compare the whole team in real time side-by-side
  • Ability to compare against previous performances in past games, training sessions
  • Record and generate; distance, speed, intensity rating (the exertion level of player performance out of 100), load rating (the physical load the player would have on their body) and much more!





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