Regent Number Toss Set (Finska, Klop)

Regent Number Toss Set (Finska, Klop)
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Great outdoor game for kids and adults. Two or more players can play
or in two teams.

1 Position yourself behind the line, about 3 to 4 metres from the pins. 

2 Throw the throwing stick and count your score (depending on which pin you have knocked over). 

3 Where they have fallen, stand the pins back into a standing position. Now the next player can try their luck. 

4 When you knock over only one pin, your score is the number on the pin. If you knock over more than one pin, your score is the number of pins (not the
accumulated points on the pins). There’s no score if a pin is leaning on the throwing stick, as mentioned above in 3rd section)or on one of the other pins. 

5 The first player to exactly score 50 points is the winner.
In case he accumulates more than 50 points, his score will be set back to 25 points and the game continues. 

6 A player will be eliminated from the game if he misses all of the target pins three times in a row.

12 x numbered pins (pinewood),
1x throwing stick (pinewood).
Knock over pins and be the first to gather 50 points.

Place the pins close to each other in an upright position
Mark a line about 3 to 4 metres distance from the pins.