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Basketball Ring Professional Springback
Ex GST: $489.50
Manufactured by Truline. 22mm heavy duty ring. Stadium quality where the hingeless design allows t..
Product Code : 73-23535
Basketball Ring Anti Hang
Ex GST: $115.00
Heavy duty ring 22mm thick and triple strutted. Permanently attached to the backboard. Popular fi..
Product Code : 18RAH
Basketball Ring Removable with Bracket
Ex GST: $105.00
Heavy duty ring is 22mm thick and has the greatest level of reinforcement. The bracket is permane..
Product Code : 18RR
Basketball Ring Heavy Duty Ring
Ex GST: $70.00
Heavy Duty construction triple strutted 22mm solid ring with net hooks. ..
Product Code : 18RRO
Removable ring bracket
Ex GST: $40.00
Heavy duty bracket that is permanently attached to the backboard. Removable ring is simply slippe..
Product Code : 18RRM
Lifting & Lowering Tool
Ex GST: $35.00
Long metal pole that allows removable rings to be easily installed & removed. No ladder is re..
Product Code : 18RRL
Extra Heavy Duty Ring Net
Ex GST: $19.99
Dynamic extra heavy duty basketball net is suitable for commercial use. the net is a 12 loop desi..
Product Code : 18RNP
Ring Net Heavy Duty Competition (each)
Ex GST: $15.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Heavy duty nylon construction. Competition quality. ..
Product Code : 18RNH
Ring Net Standard (each)
Ex GST: $6.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - 12 loop nylon. Practice quality. ..
Product Code : 18RN
Ring net clamps (per 100)
Ex GST: $16.00
Self locking cable ties that are used to secure nets to rings without net hooks. ..
Product Code : 18RNT
No Dunking Stickers
Ex GST: $18.00
A4 size self adhevise sticker. Graphic warns against slam dunking. ..
Product Code : 18NDS