Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities
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Grip Ball Set
Ex GST: $13.50
Velcro covered plastic round hand discs onto which special all velcro balls will grip. Fantastic ..
Product Code : 62GBS
Henselite Indoor Carpet Bowls - set
Ex GST: $160.00
Each boxed set consists of eight fully biased 2.5" carpet bowls, with identifying coloured d..
Product Code : 56CBI
Foam Hand Shuttle
Ex GST: $14.50
Bulk Buy Option Available - Approximately 22cm in length the lhand-struck shuttle is suitable..
Product Code : 62FHS
Quoit Set Heavy Duty
Ex GST: $48.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Durable heavy duty quoit set suitable for use with Primary or Sec..
Product Code : 56QH
Croquet Set 4 Players
Ex GST: $50.00
4 player set with 60cm long mallets. Includes balls & hoops ..
Product Code : 56CS
Scoop Ball Set
Ex GST: $8.90
Bulk Buy Option Available - Durable plastic equipment useful in the development of hand-eye c..
Product Code : 62SB
Croquet Set Premier 6 Players
Ex GST: $110.00
Contains 6 hardwood 2 piece croquet mallets with 71cm handles and sculptured heads with high visi..
Product Code : 56CSD
Dart Set Magnetic
Ex GST: $28.50
Bulk Buy Option Available - Guaranteed safe dart set. Heavy duty magnetic felt dart board wit..
Product Code : 56DM
Spare Magnetic Darts
Ex GST: $7.00
Product Code : 56DMS
Jenjo Jumbo
Ex GST: $110.00
Australian made oversized Jenjo   consists of 54 wooden blocks.  ..
Product Code : 62JJ
Tug of War Rope 25m
Ex GST: $199.00
40mm diameter Tug of War Rope with Whipped Ends, 25m long rope with both ends whipped to sto..
Product Code : 62T
Mega 4 Connect
Ex GST: $220.00
Oversized Connect 4 game   ideal for problem solving activities, end of year ga..
Product Code : 62M4C
Ezy Fling Ball and Nets
Ex GST: $18.90
Bulk Buy Option Available - Great game for developing hand eye coordination. Simply pull each..
Product Code : 62FE
Nyda Kanga Sac
Ex GST: $26.00
Cool canvas construction with webbing handles and pouch at the front for carrying items. Fun co-o..
Product Code : 62KS
Hookey Set
Ex GST: $18.00
Recreational activity suitable for use with Primary or Secondary students. Test your students acc..
Product Code : 56H
Regent Number Toss Set (Finska, Klop)
Ex GST: $50.00
  Great outdoor game for kids and adults. Two or more players can play individually or..
Product Code : 56KR
3 Legged Race Bands
Ex GST: $46.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Set of 6 Three Legged Race Straps in the 4 house colours plus Purple..
Product Code : 62TLS
NYDA Softtoss Grip Ball Set
Ex GST: $54.00
Mini soft grip ball set ideal for advancing throwing and catching skills. Smaller hand grip pad m..
Product Code : 62ST
Bean Bag Bocce Kit
Ex GST: $42.96
Great fun recreational activity suitable for both primary and secondary students that can be play..
Product Code : 43BB
Replacement Stucco Ball
Ex GST: $4.50
Replacement ball for stucco set. Soft and sticks to the stucco bib. ..
Product Code : 62STSB
Caterpillar Straps Set (6 pairs)
Ex GST: $225.00
The Caterpillar strap set can be used by up to 30 people with 5 people per pair. Velcro straps wra..
Product Code : 62CS
Nyda Mini Hand Tramp Set
Ex GST: $25.00
Paddle ball bouncer discs allow you to play paddle ball...bounce it, throw it, catch it. Also dou..
Product Code : 62MHT
Zooperball Screamer
Ex GST: $13.50
Made from supercharged re-bound foam, the Zooperball Screamer is the ultimate action ball. W..
Product Code : 62ZS
Pateka Foot Shuttle
Ex GST: $3.50
Fun, versatile and innovative shuttle for developing eye-foot/hand co ordination, reaction time, ..
Product Code : 56GAM1219
Totem Spin Tennis Set - Regent
Ex GST: $42.00
This is a classic! Such a simple game provides so much entertainment. Great for improving han..
Product Code : 56TTS
Joey Kanga Sacks Junior size (set of 6)
Ex GST: $110.00
Canvas construction bags with webbing handles and pouch at the front for carrying items. Set of 6..
Product Code : 43KSJ
Parachute 6m
Ex GST: $185.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - 6m diameter multi-coloured ripstop nylon parachute with twelve he..
Product Code : 62P
Ex GST: $55.00
Replacement King Ball Bladder ..
Product Code : 621KB
Ex GST: $126.35
Cornhole is a competitive game testing your throwing skill and technique. Set includes 2 x C..
Product Code : 62CH
Rubber Chicken (each)
Ex GST: $13.90
Rubber Chicken, Heavy Duty Rubberised PVC. Can be used for a variety of innovative and fun games...
Product Code : 62RC
Parachute Small (3.5m)
Ex GST: $89.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - 3.5m multi-coloured parachute with 12 handles. Great for promoting t..
Product Code : 62PS
Nyda Kanga Sack Junior
Ex GST: $24.00
Heavy duty canvas construction with webbing handles and pouch at the front for carrying items. Fu..
Product Code : 62KSJ
King Ball
Ex GST: $119.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Multi-coloured nylon covering over a large 1m diameter ball with ..
Product Code : 621K
Ex GST: $105.00
If volleyball and 4 square had a baby this would be the result! Spikeball is a team sport playe..
Product Code : 62SBALL
Tenpin Bowling Kit
Ex GST: $62.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Compact and heavy duty skittle set, made of soft rubber foam. Sui..
Product Code : 62SSR
Auskick Style AFL Goal Posts - set 4
Ex GST: $75.00
Auskick Style Portable AFL Goals Spike Base (set 4)  Lightweight portable foot..
Product Code : 43PFSS
Finska Set (Klop)
Ex GST: $64.00
Finska is the addictive log-tossing game from Finland.  An ancient Finnish game, Fi..
Product Code : 56K
Nyda Bocce Set
Ex GST: $33.50
Bulk Buy Option Available - Recreational activity. Eight full sized plastic water-filled boul..
Product Code : 56BS
Stucco Set
Ex GST: $28.00
Innovative ball game helps to develop throwing/catching skills and teamwork. The soft Velcro ball..
Product Code : 62STS
Super Ezyfling Net and Ball
Ex GST: $19.90
Bulk Buy Option Available - Nylon mesh net measuring 125cm x 110cm with four felt handles and..
Product Code : 62FES
Ball Launcher
Ex GST: $32.00
Product Code : 62BL
Plastic stompers (pair)
Ex GST: $13.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Great balance activity for primary students. Adjustable handle le..
Product Code : 28PS
Bungeee Kick Ball
Ex GST: $21.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Exclusive new design Bungeee Kick Ball with easy to use velcro ad..
Product Code : 621B