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Flying Discs
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Nyda Regular Flying Disc
Ex GST: $2.90
Durable plastic flying disc suitable for use with Primary or Secondary students. Enhance the fund..
Product Code : 62FR
Nyda Squishy Disc
Ex GST: $11.50
Flexible flying disc with long accurate flight. Soft and safe for comfortable catching and for us..
Product Code : 62FS
Nyda Pro 160gm Flying Disc
Ex GST: $6.00
Highly durable professional weight (160g) plastic flying disc suitable for use with Primary or Se..
Product Code : 62FP
Coaster Frisbee 25cm
Ex GST: $10.00
Specially engineered for amazing distance & Easy to throw Soft outer rim High..
Product Code : 62AS
Aerobie Large 33cm
Ex GST: $25.90
Easiest flying disc to throw. Spoiler rim, balances lift, creating straight and accurate flight. ..
Product Code : 62AL
Ultimate Frizbee 175 grams
Ex GST: $15.50
Heavy duty flying disc weighing 175 grams which is the recommended weight for the game of ultimat..
Product Code : 62FU
Zooperball Screamer
Ex GST: $13.50
Made from supercharged re-bound foam, the Zooperball Screamer is the ultimate action ball. W..
Product Code : 62ZS
Buzz Disc
Ex GST: $8.50
Throw it, chase it, catch it! This mini flying disc is great for advancing throwing and catching ..
Product Code : 62BD
Whistling Foam Disc
Ex GST: $16.00
Fun foam flying disc with built in whistles. As the disc spins hear it whistle, throw faster whis..
Product Code : 62FW
Foam Flying Disc
Ex GST: $5.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Available in a variety of colours. Easy introduction to discus st..
Product Code : 62FRF