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Electric Compressor with Gauge 240v/75w
Ex GST: $245.00
Small and quiet, ideal for pumping up all inflatable style balls. Has been adapted for school and..
Product Code : 41C
Nyda Turbo Upright Pump
Ex GST: $29.90
Bulk Buy Option Available - High volume upright pump complete with floor foot plates for main..
Product Code : 41TP
Hand Pump
Ex GST: $10.90
Bulk Buy Option Available - Plastic pump with flexible connecting hose. Ideal for small infla..
Product Code : 41HP
Replacement Hose for Compressor
Ex GST: $20.00
Replacement coil hose complete with fittings for Electric Compressor ..
Product Code : 41CH
Flexible Pump Connector Bike Style
Ex GST: $6.00
Attachment for pump or compressor suitable for pumping up bike tyres ..
Product Code : 41HPC
Adaptor for Threaded Needle
Ex GST: $7.90
Brass fitting to suit Australian style inflating needle for inflating equipment ..
Product Code : 41CA
SP45 Floor Pump
Ex GST: $36.00
Easy to use floor bike pump with swivel hose, clever valve head, adaptors for ball and air bed. P..
Product Code : 50FPABLA
High Volume Pump
Ex GST: $27.50
Ideal for Kingball & Airbeds. High volume upright pump complete with floor foot plates for ma..
Product Code : 41HPH
NYDA Compressor Replacement Pressure Gauge
Ex GST: $20.00
Replacement pressure gauge for NYDA Electric compressor. ..
Product Code : 41CPG
Inflator Needles (pack 12)
Ex GST: $6.50
Bulk buy card of 12 two piece inflating needles. ..
Product Code : 41N2
Ex GST: $6.00
Should be used when inflating all ball types. Prevents damage to valve. Will help seal valves in b..
Product Code : 41V