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Skin Fold Plastic PE67
Ex GST: $37.50
Body fat tester ideal for school tests, it has a convenient trigger operation with pistol grip ha..
Product Code : 51SCP
Wrist Worn Digital Sphygmomanometer
Ex GST: $70.00
Small, compact, and very easy to use. Self inflating to the correct pressure with the press of a ..
Product Code : 51SW
Anatomical Model Skeleton - 85cm Tall
Ex GST: $90.00
An economical teaching skeleton with full natural movement and a user-friendly personality that w..
Product Code : 51S
Anatomical Model Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments 185cm
Ex GST: $565.00
This life size human skeleton model is painted to show the muscles and ligaments. The left s..
Product Code : 51SML
Skinfold Calipers Harpenden PE14
Ex GST: $499.00
Ideal for measurement of subcutaneous fat. Sturdy metal construction with a contoured pistol grip ..
Product Code : 51SCH
Dry Spirometer
Ex GST: $225.00
Measures vital capacity from which tidal volume and expiratory reverse volume can be calculated. ..
Product Code : 51SP
Replacement Mouthpieces (50)
Ex GST: $22.00
50 tubular plastic mouthpieces for the PE13 dry spirometer. Absolute necessity for hygienic use of..
Product Code : 51SPM
Sit and Reach Trunk Tester PE41
Ex GST: $280.00
Based on the sit and reach test but with modifications to allow for greater accuracy. Max. reach ..
Product Code : 51TFT
Height Scale Wall Mounted
Ex GST: $31.00
This Handy Height Scale is used in a similar way to a tape measure. Fix the upper portion of the ..
Product Code : 51HH
Height Scale Free Standing
Ex GST: $198.00
This portable height scale is developed from the Handy Height Scale. It can be carried easily fro..
Product Code : 51HFS
Weight Scales Electronic
Ex GST: $50.00
Electronic scales offer an accurate reading in digital format. It resets after every use. Supervi..
Product Code : 51WSE
Weight Scales Analog
Ex GST: $35.00
Domestic quality weight scales supervision is essential. Large easy to read dial that offers accu..
Product Code : 51WS
Figure Finder Tape Measure
Ex GST: $25.50
The Figure Finding Tape Measure always applies 100g of tension so that differences in reading due..
Product Code : 51TM
Sphygmomanometer Digital PE6
Ex GST: $115.00
The easy to read Liquid Crystal Display provides systolic and diastolic blood pressures and pulse..
Product Code : 51SD
Sphygmomanometer Portable Aneroid PE1
Ex GST: $66.00
Complete with vinyl case the manometer is attached to hook cuff and is calibrated to 300mm Hg. ..
Product Code : 51SA
Stethoscope Teaching
Ex GST: $59.00
This teaching stethoscope has a dual headed chest piece with non chill ring and dual binaurals for..
Product Code : 51STT
Stethoscope Doctor
Ex GST: $16.00
The doctors stethoscope has a duel headed chest piece with rubber non-chill ring. Swivel locking ..
Product Code : 51STD