Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing
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Multi Stage Fitness Test (beep test) CD
Ex GST: $38.00
This multi-stage shuttle run test enables you to assess the aerobic component of physical fitness..
Product Code : 30BTC
Youth Strength Training
Ex GST: $29.95
The benefits of strength training for youth are clearly documented. Yet teachers, fitness instruct..
Product Code : 90YST
Hand Dynamometer PE7
Ex GST: $305.00
For use in evaluating strength of hand and forearm. Measures grip of up to 100kg. ..
Product Code : 51DH
Sit and Reach Trunk Tester PE41
Ex GST: $270.00
Based on the sit and reach test but with modifications to allow for greater accuracy. Max. reach ..
Product Code : 51TFT
Count Down/Up Timer Bench Model
Ex GST: $27.00
Bench model count down timer for all sports where time limit is required. Timer can be stopped fo..
Product Code : 14SWCU
Sergeant Jump Tester - Truline 61732
Ex GST: $325.00
Measurements are printed permanently for long life. The subject places a magnet as high as possib..
Product Code : 73-61732
Acromat Sergeant Jump Board A15-53
Ex GST: $371.00
Fully formed sheet metal (galvanised) steel height jump tester. 900mm high sliding front panel. R..
Product Code : 11A15-53
Nyda Sports Stopwatch
Ex GST: $28.00
Single split timer with very large LCD display. Can time 2 competitors at once by using the lap/r..
Product Code : 14SWS
Swift Yardstick Vertical Jump Tester **Plus Delivery**
Ex GST: $1,150.00
The Swift Yardstick is a simple but effective tool to measure vertical jump height in 1 cm increm..
Product Code : 30Y