Communication Devices

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Uniden Communication Devices
Ex GST: $155.00
This compact unit includes 1 pr of handsets with belt clip attachments, one dual changer and 1 pr ..
Product Code : 79WT
Megaphone Combination with Siren
$203.50 $154.00
Ex GST: $140.00
Nyda school model combination megaphone with Siren. Can be used as a hand held or shoulder model...
Product Code : 79MC
Mini Megaphone (6watts)
Ex GST: $95.00
6 watt hand held megaphone. Lightweight model ideal for rowing coaching or shorter distance a..
Product Code : 79M
Ashton Transporta Wireless 120watt PA System
Ex GST: $1,850.00
The Ashton Transporta has seamless wireless technology, ultra light-weight design and multiple in..
Product Code : 65PAP
Starters Gun and Amplifier Set
Ex GST: $200.00
Innovative event starting product eliminates the need for dangerous starting caps. 3 tones: sim..
Product Code : 43SGA
Waist Amplifier Only
Ex GST: $100.00
Waistband 5 watt amplifier ideal for wireless voice projection. Use as a stand alone product via t..
Product Code : 65AM
Wireless Portable Amplifier
Ex GST: $325.00
Portable wireless 20 watt amplifier ideal for carnivals, school fetes, evacuation drills, teaching..
Product Code : 65A
Gas Air Horn and Can
Ex GST: $19.00
Ideal for carnivals and events where hooter sound is required. Lightweight and easily used. R..
Product Code : 79G
Electronic Whistle
Ex GST: $25.00
Bulk Buy Option Available - Electronic Whistle, 125 decibles with lanyard. Batteries included ..
Product Code : 79E